Fnac Darty around the world

Already a major player in France, Fnac Darty has become a European leader in omnichannel retail, reaching for new international horizons

Fnac Darty benefits from a solid territorial network with nearly 1,010 shops throughout the world.

Mainly present in France, the Group is also established in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Qatar, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo, Senegal and Saudi Arabia.

Fnac Belgique
Opening of the Fnac Aalst (Belgium)

As it expands outside France, Fnac Darty forges local partnerships with recognized retailers that specialize in franchising. This ensures a successful entrance into the market.

In nearly all its countries, the Group has established its presence both physically, via its network of nearly 1,010 stores, and online, via its websites in each country.

Opening of the Fnac in Dakar

Our history

Everyday: A roadmap for tomorrow that is rooted in the history of Fnac and Darty

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Our strategy

Make Fnac Darty a Vital Ally to Consumers both on a Daily Basis and over the Long Term

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