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Make Fnac Darty a Vital Ally to Consumers both on a Daily Basis and over the Long Term

In 2021, the Group unveiled its new strategic plan Everyday, with the goal of embodying a new way of doing business, but with the same expectations of its customers and all of its stakeholders. The plan must be disruptive to enable the Group to be a vital ally to consumers, on a daily basis and over the long term, to help them be sustainable in their consumption habits. This new strategic plan works toward the Group’s raison d’être, namely “committing to providing an educated choice and sustainable consumption” for its customers.

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Embodying the New Standards for Digital and Human Omnichannel Retail

Everyday takes into account the increasing digitalization of consumption and the proven importance of daily human contact and sales advice. Fnac Darty intends to build upon its strengths: using an omnichannel approach to improve customer experience

— Extending the spirit of the store online is at the heart of our initiative so we can better assist our customers through online advice, chats/video calls and livestreams/live shopping. It enables us to capitalize on the expertise of salespeople on our fnac.com and darty.com websites so they can become “salespeople-influencers.”

— Site performance will also be enhanced, with nearly half the investment being dedicated to supporting digital growth, particularly modernizing and automating the logistics platform.

The aim of these initiatives is to maintain 1 in 2 sales made through omnichannel by 2025.

Helping Consumers Adopt Sustainable Practices

Another component involves helping consumers to choose more sustainable consumption habits. To do this, several measures are being taken:

— Putting in place a sustainability score, through which we want to guide consumers and customers toward choosing from a more sustainable range of products by making them more visible on our websites and in-store..

— Developing our Second Life offer, through Fnac Second Life and Darty Second Life, is a priority in order to become one of the major players in this fast-growing circular economy market and to offer more used-product collections to our customers.

— Fnac Darty wants to involve and engage all its partners in its commitment to sustainable consumption. Potentially delisting marketplace products and partners that do not meet our sustainability criteria is now a reality.

— Finally, services enabling customers to use better, consume better and repair more will be strengthened, with a target of 2.5 million products repaired per year by 2025.

Rolling out the Benchmark Subscription-Based Home Assistance Service

The final component of our Everyday plan is our service program.

The Group has launched unique and unlimited subscription-based services that make repairs available on a large scale for every part of your home : Darty Max in France at the end of 2019 and Vanden Borre Life at the beginning of 2021 with + 1.1 million subscribers by the end of 2023.

Fnac Darty hopes that Darty Max will help it to become the leading provider of home assistance services. Darty Max is really shaking up the way services are provided and sold.

This unique and iconic service is promoting repairs on a large scale and consolidating high-quality, lasting relationships with our customers.


million of Darty Max subscribers in 2025

Finally, due to the success of the operational and commercial synergies between Fnac and Darty, and to go even further in sharing customers between its two brands, the Group launched the new FNAC+ loyalty card in 2020. Held by over 2 million members, the card offers free and unlimited delivery for both brands and members can benefit from the Fnac loyalty card expanding into the Darty network with all the associated benefits: promotions, gift certificates, private sales, member weekends. At the end of 2023, the Group had a subscriber base of over 12 million, of whom more than 7 million were in France. 


Our governance supports our raison d’être: “committing to providing an educated choice and sustainable consumption”

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