Sustainable consumption

Promoting sustainable consumption and an educated choice

How can we meet the expectations of consumers who are increasingly aware of the impact of their purchases, concerned about reconciling their consumption habits with their values, and demanding more information about the products they buy?

To address these new concerns, Fnac Darty is activating all the levers of the circular economy through initiatives that have become hallmarks of its identity and are recognized for being visionary.

The creation of a sustainability score, the publication of an After-Sales Service Barometer and the affixing of a “Sustainable Choice” label on the most reliable and repairable products help customers make an educated choice.

The development of repair services with the Darty MAX service and the growth of the Second Life offer help to extend the life span of products.

Finally, the Group’s commitment to the collection and recycling of electronic waste also illustrates Fnac Darty’s action in favor of a more circular economy.

Some key figures

at the end of 2022

+ 3,000
Dedicated repair employees
Million products repaired
Nearly 800K
Darty Max subscribers
Sustainability score
Metric tons of WEEE collected in 2022
Products donated to charity

Three strategic objectives by 2025

Million products repaired in 2025
Darty Max subscribers
Sustainability score by 2025