Fnac Darty employees are part of a 25,000-strong community serving our customers and "committing to providing an educated choice and sustainable consumption".
Our Manifesto

25,000 passions, areas of expertise, world views… and you!

Fnac Darty is 25,000 passionate people, areas of expertise, world views… and you! If you are the sort of person who likes to express yourself through your work, who looks beyond the task to picture its impact, who believes being an employee also means being an engaged citizen: Join us!

At Fnac Darty, we develop communities that reflect your ideals, where you can share your passions and your vision for the profession while also developing, growing and broadening your horizons.

We are fortunate to belong to a Group where everyone is free to express themselves through their personality and their passions, and where everyone’s voice counts.

Tiffany Foucault, Director of Human Resources