Regions and culture

Contributing to the social and cultural development of the regions

How can we participate in the life and dynamism of our regions?

Overview of the Fnac Live Paris festival crowd
Credit: Sarah Bastin (Fnac Live Paris)

Through its network of stores throughout France, Fnac Darty contributes to the economic attractiveness of the towns where it is located and plays a local social role for its customers. The creation of jobs that cannot be relocated and the support for local association projects are proof of its real involvement for the benefit of its customers and their daily environment.

Access to culture for as many people as possible is at the heart of its DNA and is expressed in concrete terms through the cultural events it organizes throughout the year in its Fnac stores or during major events that reach thousands of French people.

Credit: Sarah Bastin

The Group thus continues with its duty to make culture accessible to all by organizing free cultural events that allow creators and the public to meet. In 2023, nearly 7,000 free events were organized in Fnac stores across France and abroad.

As an official partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Fnac Darty is implementing several schemes throughout 2024 involving athletes, employees, and customers, with a view to sharing this unique global event with them and promoting the Group’s expertise.

Some key figures

at the end of 2023

Cultural events
€7 million
In financial or in-kind donations made by the Group and its customers

Ensuring access to culture for all and cultural diversity

A lasting cultural commitment

Fnac, now the number one bookseller, number one record store and number one ticketing company for shows in France, works to promote authors and books through the organization of cultural awards, which have become highlights of the literary year.

  • The Prix du Roman Fnac: this award marks the start of the literature and awards season. It rewards one novel every year through a jury comprising 400 booksellers and 400 Fnac members;
  • The Prix Goncourt des Lycéens: created by Fnac and the French Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in 1988, this prize allows secondary school and vocational education students to choose a winner from authors nominated for the Goncourt prize. In 2023, this one-of-a-kind event brought together 16 literary nominees and 2,000 high school students;
  • The Prix BD Fnac France Inter: decided by journalists and Fnac booksellers, this prize rewards the comic of the year from the five finalists previously picked by the general public from Fnac booksellers’ top 20 favorite comics of the year.
Credit: Sarah Bastin

Supporting emerging talent

A rite of passage for many renowned artists, Fnac has always supported emerging authors, musicians, and cartoonists. Fnac has always given a significant place to artists in the making as part of its different cultural events, whether in stores or high points such as Fnac Live Paris. Since 2022, Fnac has supported the Prix Joséphine award for young artists to place a spotlight on current music and promote new artists from all backgrounds.

A renewed investment in photography

Fnac renewed its ties to the world of photography in 2023 through two major activities. First, with a special endowment for the Prix Nadar award to reward originality for a French photography book published in 2023. And second, by supporting the “Tremplin Jeunes Talents” sponsorship program at the Festival Planches Contact in Deauville.

Online recommendations through L’Éclaireur Fnac

In 2021, the Group launched L’Éclaireur Fnac, a new recommendations website that demystifies the latest developments and social issues in the entertainment and tech world to navigate internet users toward a more informed choice.

L’Éclaireur Fnac gathers all the content produced daily by the Group’s expert editorial teams: La Claque Fnac, Le Labo Fnac and Les Conseils Fnac. This is supplemented by articles from a team of experienced journalists. It already has more than one million unique visitors per month.

Carrying out solidarity actions in partnership with our Customers

The Solidarity Book Drive celebrates its eleventh anniversary!

Every year during #SustainableDevelopment week, Fnac commits itself to Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF) with the Solidarity Book Drive. On this occasion, the public is invited to drop off their books in good condition at one of the Fnac stores throughout France. The aim of this book drive is to give a second life to books, by supplying libraries serving underprivileged populations in France and throughout the world. This book collection is the largest in France and was also extended to Fnac stores in Switzerland in 2022.

The event enables Fnac to reaffirm its commitment to access to culture and education, and thus contribute to reducing social inequality. Over the last 10 years, more than two million books have been collected, making this event one of the largest book drives in France!

Dijon’s Solidarity Flea Market

For the past 15 years, Fnac Dijon, Secours Populaire and the Zénith de Dijon have organized a flea market featuring new entertainment products – books, CDs, vinyls, DVDs, toys, video games, etc. – available to all at very low prices. This approach is in line with Fnac Darty’s commitment to the circular economy, which gives a new life to products that have left the traditional retail cycle. In 2023, the profits collected, and donated in full to Secours Populaire, enabled the company to offer vacation days to disadvantaged families. Nearly 4,500 visitors enjoyed the fifteenth edition in June 2023. Almost 90 pallets of new products were sold, raising €135,207.

Increasing donations of recovered products

Beyond the products supplied to Dijon’s Solidarity Flea Market, the Group has significantly expanded its donations in kind as part of its “Second Life” policy.

Fnac Darty has built partnerships with many charities, such as the Agence du Don en Nature and long-standing partner charities such as Emmaüs France, Envie and the Secours Populaire.

Credit: Christophe Bertolin

In 2022 and 2023, a new solution enabling direct donations of unsold goods by and from stores was rolled out across all Fnac, Darty and Nature & Découvertes stores. The solution was set up in partnership with Comerso, one of the leading players in recovering unsold goods, which has developed a logistics and IT solution for managing donations in kind.

In 2023, almost 600,000 products were donated to charity.

Charitable rounding-up (Arrondi solidaire) at the Fnac and Darty stores

Fnac Darty was able to scale up the impact of its checkout donations by signing a partnership with microDON, a social business that provides a charitable rounding-up solution directly at the checkout. This collaboration aims to automate suggestions to the customer to give a donation and thus enable more funds to be raised for partner charities.

In 2023, the system raised nearly €450,000 in Fnac stores for the Un Rien C’est Tout association and the Nature & Découvertes Foundation. Since 2024, all POS terminals in integrated Darty stores include the microDON solution.

Overall, the Group has collected more than €1 million in customer donations.