Committing to providing an educated choice and sustainable consumption

A CSR approach at the heart of the Group’s strategy: our key figures for 2022

Fnac Darty is aware of its corporate responsibility and integrates social and environmental issues into its business model. The Group’s CSR approach, built around 5 pillars, is based on decentralized governance and feeds the Group’s strategy.

Million products repaired
CO2 emissions from transport and energy vs. 2021
Of women in leadership positions
Sustainability score
Of employees trained over the year
Free cultural events per year

Our goals

Our Group’s mission is to enable our customers to make “educated choices” and to support them in making their consumption more sustainable. The guidelines and objectives of the Group’s CSR policy are in line with the objectives of the Plan Everyday and with our raison d’être.

Million products repaired in 2025
CO2 emissions from transport and energy by 2030 (vs 2019)
Of women in leadership positions in 2025
Sustainability score
Million Darty Max subscribers in 2025

Our five pillars

Sustainable consumption

Promoting sustainable consumption and an educated choice

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Climate protection

Reducing the impact on the climate

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Human capital

Developing our main asset: our Human Capital

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Business ethics

Setting a shining example in business ethics

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Regions and culture

Contributing to the social and cultural development of the regions

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Fnac Darty has integrated sustainability into the Group’s business model, thus positioning the company as a pioneer in the ecological transition of the retail sector

Frédérique Giavarini, Group General Secretary


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