Extend the life span of our products

With 3,000 experts mobilized under its after-sales service and 2.5 million products repaired in 2023, Fnac Darty is the French leader in repairs.

Darty Max

Repairing a product means delaying its end of life and therefore reducing the amount of waste, but also reducing the ecological impact of manufacturing its replacement. Repairs also represent jobs that cannot be relocated and an economic equation that is increasingly favorable to the customer.

Based on this observation and in order to remove the obstacles to repairs, particularly the cost, Fnac Darty launched “Darty Max” in 2019, the first repair subscription service, which makes it easy to repair rather than replace, with no limit on the number of appliances, breakdowns or age, as long as spare parts are available.

This innovative service includes remote support, diagnostics, labor and the replacement of faulty parts for any appliances purchased from Darty or elsewhere.

A major pillar of the strategic plan Everyday and the Group’s low-carbon roadmap, Darty Max celebrated its millionth subscriber in 2023.

Since 50% to 70% of breakdowns are linked to a maintenance or usage problem (source: ADEME), all Darty Max subscriptions also include an annual maintenance service for subscribers’ devices in the form of a video call with an expert.

Cuisine. Relation avec la clientele


A Fnac Darty subsidiary since 2012, WeFix offers an express repair service for smartphones, tablets, and consoles. With 128 QualiRépar-labeled points of sale, the company carries out tens of thousands of repairs per month and guarantees them for one year, particularly thanks to the use of original or compatible components selected from suppliers whose quality is regularly tested. In addition to repairs, WeFix is an expert in refurbished telephones through its smartphone testing and refurbishment process.

The After-Sales Service Community

With over 2.5 million products repaired in 2023, the After-Sales Service teams have built up a formidable knowledge base over time. Since 2018, this technical information has been published on the website sav.darty.com, registering almost 12.6 million hits in 2023 to find repair, use and maintenance solutions.

An everyday tool designed to extend product life span, the After-Sales Service Community is a collaborative site with 7.5 million members and enables Internet users and Fnac Darty technicians to share tips on how best to use, maintain and repair different products.

At the end of 2023, more than 240 articles, 950 tutorials, 150,000 questions and 620,000 answers, on over 52,000 items, were available on the site.

Innovative new sustainable services


In the fall of 2023, Darty partnered with Voltalis, a free energy saving solution that optimizes its electricity consumption for heating. The technology is RTE-certified (Réseau de transport d’électricité — the French electricity transmission system operator) and makes it possible to both lower and improve consumption, as well as take pressure off the electricity grid when needed, i.e., in the event of a peak load or a drop in renewable energy production. More specifically, Voltalis technicians install a smart thermostat free of charge, consisting of small boxes connected to a household’s electric radiators. An app enables users to track consumption and control radiators remotely, and Voltalis to temporarily reduce the consumption of these devices in the event of an imbalance in the power grid, without any effect on thermal comfort. An initial roll-out of the offer started in November 2023 in over 100 Darty stores and on darty.com.

 “Maison Relax”

 In October 2023, Fnac Darty decided to expand its partnership with HomeServe to launch the first unlimited maintenance and repair subscription for plumbing and electricity: “Maison Relax.” This new service aims to extend repair services to customers.

Fnac Vie Digitale

The role of digital within households is growing (online shopping, viewing and listening to digital content, scrolling on social media, etc.), innovation is developing rapidly (with AI gaining traction, new social networks bursting onto the scene and so on), and the threats associated with this are evolving too (email hacking, viruses, harassment, identity theft, etc.). In order to support consumers across all their needs and uses in the digital world, Fnac launched the “Fnac Vie Digitale” service in 2023. With its three core pillars of user and device protection through dedicated features, user advice via appointments with certified experts, and access to the Fnac+ program of benefits, “Fnac Vie Digitale” offers customers, particularly families, peace of mind and security as they navigate their digital lives. The service is fully aligned with the Group’s ambition to be a daily and long-term customer ally, supporting them in everyday uses at home.

Fnac & Moi

Fnac Darty launched a new set of benefits with the Fnac & Moi loyalty fund, to reward the responsible behavior of its customers and members.

The Fnac & moi loyalty fund rewards a wide range of actions, such as buying second-life products, using Click & Collect, repairing products via the Group’s after-sales service, buying sustainable products, signing up to a subscription or even returning products to a store so they can be given a second life. Alongside this fund and as part of a participatory approach, customers are also asked to respond to satisfaction surveys and express their opinions, with the aim of improving the services and products on offer.

PC Clinic and Clinica Fnac

Fnac Portugal boosts its repair service every year through its workshop brands “Clinica Fnac” and “PC Clinic.” Thanks to their geographical coverage, partnerships, and the promise of rapid repair, Clinica Fnac and PC Clinic are express repair leaders in Portugal.

Both brands offer out-of-warranty and under-warranty repairs, diagnostics, and express phone repairs. Clinica Fnac and PC Clinic have 36 stores or corners across the territory with more than 160 after-sales service technicians, and repaired over 56,000 devices in 2023 (+4% over 2022).