Our Fnac Darty Academy

At Fnac Darty, we believe that lifelong professional training guarantees collective performance and loyalty among our employees. Our Academy, an in-house training center, allows our Group to meet three objectives:

  • Provide our employees with training and improve their skills in the context of an evolving and competitive labor market.
  • To provide the best possible support for our employees’ career paths.
  • To provide training for specific and strategic roles related to our Group’s activities, such as after-sales service technicians or salespeople/kitchen designers, which require specialist skills.

The Fnac Darty Academy is first and foremost a training center that aims to develop employees’ skills with a view to boosting the company’s performance.

Offering long, short and/or multimodal courses, this training Academy tailors its certification programs and its teaching methods to precisely meet the needs of the Group and its various sites, while promoting a sense of belonging and a spirit of customer service among employees.

Customer relations

Its educational activities allow it to drive forward employees’ performance and professional development.  

The Fnac Darty Academy is Qualiopi certified in the following category: training activities.

Some key figures

Of our employees received training in 2023
Training sessions delivered in person and through distance learning
E-learning modules completed
+ 500
online modules available on our platform

NoOur in-house instructors

More than 27 in-house instructors work daily to support and train the Group’s employees to perform the various roles at Fnac Darty: products, sales technique, customer relations, management, security, safety, technical training for white and brown goods, electrical and gas authorizations, as well as personal development and tools.

All instructors possess robust expertise in their chosen field as well as a recognized trainer certification.

The Fnac Darty Academy occasionally makes use of an external network of instructors to meet its specific training needs throughout France. All these instructors are Qualiopi certified.

Our network of partners

The Fnac Darty Academy regularly uses Qualiopi-affiliated training centers that are leaders in their field. Its partners include OBS SA Business & Decision, Adecco Training, Fiducial, Change & Care, Cegos, L’École de la Librairie, 4S Consulting, TechSell Group, Think Factory Formation, A.S.M.F.P, Humans Matter, Si2p, Comundi, Lefebvre Dalloz Compétences, Repair and Run, Culture Prev and many more.

Salesperson Expertise Program

Launched in 2020 for a period of five years, the Salesperson Expertise Program is a testament to Fnac Darty’s ongoing investment in the continuous training of its salespeople with a view to boosting their expertise and developing their skills.

Each year, 100% of the Group’s salespeople have thus completed at least one product training session and one sales or service technique training session. 

This program allows them to familiarize themselves with the company’s strategic guidelines, sales techniques and pitches, its products, its various brands and its suppliers, and to put them into context.

To this end, the Fnac Darty Academy uses multiple learning formats and evaluation methods, adapting to the needs of each individual and ensuring that they progress.

Our Fnac Darty CFA

The Fnac Darty CFA (centre de formation d’apprentis — apprentice training center) allows large numbers of trainees to be trained in technical and sustainable roles in order to serve our customers.

It offers two certification courses:

  • Connected Appliances Service Technicians (home call-out technician)
  • Repair Specialist for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (workshop technician)

Training takes place over a period of one year and is offered in the form of a work-study program, an apprenticeship or a professionalization contract.

Upon completing the course, trainees are offered a permanent contract at one of our service centers.

We strongly believe that learning is the key to personal and collective growth at Fnac Darty. We cultivate this belief in order to stimulate curiosity, foster team spirit and encourage continuous exploration.

Didier-David Loff, Director of the Training Academy & CFA