Cécile Trunet-Favre

Communications and Public Affairs Director

Cécile Trunet-Favre is Communications and Public Affairs Director for Fnac Darty.

She was appointed to her position in spring 2021 and is a member of the Executive Committee. She oversees all the Group’s external communications (media relations and partnerships, public affairs, events and cultural initiatives) as well as internal communication such as employee engagement initiatives.

Cécile Trunet-Favre has nearly 20 years’ experience in communications at high-visibility organizations including the Ile-de-France regional council, the RATP Group and SNCF Group.

A reputation specialist, Cécile Trunet-Favre has been responsible for various high-impact transformation projects, such as the RATP Group opening up to competition. She has also ensured the evolution of heritage brands such as Université Paris Dauphine and SNCF, developed Fnac’s cultural footprint by reconnecting with its history, and helped make Darty the benchmark brand in terms of sustainability.