Finalists of the 2023 Fnac literary awards finally unveiled

The five finalist novels competing for the Prix du Roman Fnac 2023 are:

  • Veiller sur elle, Jean-Baptiste Andrea – ÉDITIONS DE L’ICONOCLASTE
  • Les Silences des pères, Rachid Benzine – SEUIL
  • Ce que je sais de toi, Éric Chacour – PHILIPPE REY
  • Vous ne connaissez rien de moi, Julie Héraclès – JC LATTÈS
  • Le grand secours, Thomas B. Reverdy – FLAMMARION

The jury of 400 booksellers and 400 Fnac members selected these five books from the 30 books longlisted in July. These five novels highlight how history influences individuals’ stories and show the extent to which social and family relationships contribute to individual identities.

The winning novel will be announced on August 30. It will succeed Sarah Jollien-Fardel‘s first novel Sa préférée — SABINE WESPIESER ÉDITEUR.