A Year of Fundraising Action

In 2022, Fnac Darty kept up its fundraising commitments.
Thanks to our customers, many fundraising projects were able to come to fruition in 2022, and they will be rolled out gradually this year in various areas, such as Health, the Environment, Children, the Right to Dignity and Access to Culture. In total, the Group raised €1,295,000, which was redistributed to various partner associations like Un Rien C’est Tout (a French fundraising non-profit organization), Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries Without Borders) or the World Food Programme.
Since this year was marked by the war in Ukraine, Fnac Darty particularly wanted to financially support humanitarian projects that directly benefited the Ukrainian population, thanks to the intervention of Médecins Sans Frontières, UNICEF France and CARE France. In line with donations from our customers, the Group has generously donated €156,000 to the dedicated campaign.

Despite 2022 being marked by inflation, our customers have proven their generosity for causes that are close to their hearts, and that we support and partially fund as well. The strength of MicroDon’s embedded giving system has played a crucial role in facilitating the generosity of our customers, whom I can’t thank enough.

Géraldine Olivier, CSR Director

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