Fnac Darty Supports Responsible Tech Startups by Investing in the RAISE Seed for Good Fund

Fnac Darty is one of the pioneering companies to have embarked on the RAISE Seed for Good adventure. This is a new venture capital fund dedicated to the future leaders of Tech for Good. It was launched by RAISE Ventures, a RAISE Group company dedicated to financing tech and digital startups.

It is the first European venture capital fund to integrate ESG criteria into its support and investment strategy, with a view to fostering the future leaders of responsible tech. The fund aims to become the benchmark in financing for a new general tech asset class, which performs not just financially but in environmental and social terms too.

We are proud to be one of the pioneering companies to invest in discovering and supporting the future leaders of responsible tech in Europe. Our support for RAISE Seed for Good is perfectly in line with our social and environmental commitments, which are the foundation of our raison d’être as well as of our strategic plan Everyday. It is also aligned with our commitment to accelerate responsible innovation.

Enrique Martinez, Chief Executive Officer of Fnac Darty

Find out what Anne-Laure Feldkircher, Executive Director of Transformation and Strategy at Fnac Darty, has to say on the Group’s commitment to and investment in RAISE Seed for Good.