Fnac Darty launchs the first product care and maintenance video service

Launched in October 2019, Darty Max, Fnac Darty’s iconic subscription service for the repair of large and small domestic appliances, has already attracted more than 500,000 subscribers. On the strength of this success, the Group is now enhancing it by integrating an innovative preventive maintenance service backed by a video service. It helps to identify risky products and to ensure they are better maintained, in order to extend their life span by preventing breakdowns.

While more than 40% of breakdowns and warranty support requests are caused by lack of maintenance or misuse (source: ADEME), maintenance of the appliances is essential.

Available within the Darty network from May 12, this enhanced Darty Max service will also be available in Fnac stores from June 16.

This new expansion of our Darty Max service allows us to progress from simply repairing broken products, to preventing and avoiding them in the first place. We have adapted the technical innovation of our video sales advice service, which offers support to customers shopping online, to make it suitable for product maintenance and repairs. In line with our strategic plan Everyday, we’re building on our commitment to extending the life span of our products and continuing to meet the expectations of our customers, whom we help to be sustainable in their consumption habits every day.

Vincent Gufflet, Chief Operations & Services Officer at Fnac Darty

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