Human capital

Fnac Darty Plans to Open 21 Tech Academies across France in 2022

to Train Future Appliance Technicians

In order to support its strategic plan Everyday and strengthen its after-sales service teams, Fnac Darty will run 21 classes across France in 2022 to train domestic appliance technicians. The intake will be 300 students, hired on apprenticeships and professionalization contracts. They will be recruited and trained through CFA Ducretet and Afpa. Ten of these training classes will begin in Paris, Lyon and Marseilles, from February on. The remaining 11 classes will begin in the second half of the year.
Having already opened up 30 classes between October 2019 and December 2021, Fnac Darty is continuing its recruitment and training efforts. Through this action, the company aims to ensure the continued running of its after-sales customer service, remedy a lack of existing training and respond to a growing need for home support, particularly in light of its new Darty Max subscription repair service.
Every candidate — whether they are young, or more experienced and retraining—will undertake a 12-month program covering customer relations, technical expertise and even connected products and urban mobility.

Our long-term investment in training domestic appliance technicians, undertaken with Afpa and Ducretet, is being ramped up in 2022 as we open up a lot more classes across France. This effort is testament to our interest in bringing about a repair economy and preparing for the future with qualified experts who will be an undeniable asset to the Group.

Tiffany Foucault, Fnac Darty’s Chief Human Resources Officer

Repairs: a Core Value within the Group

Fnac Darty is the number one repairer in France today, with 4 workshops, 100 technical bases and over 2,500 technicians carrying out 2.5 million repairs per year on 1.7 million appliances. To support this repair economy, the Group aims to recruit more than 500 new technicians by 2025.