Human capital

Fnac Darty signs the #StOpE charter

As part of its commitment to fight everyday sexism in the workplace, Fnac Darty has joined the #StOpE (Stop au sexisme ordinaire en entreprise — Stop everyday sexism in the workplace) initiative coordinated by the AFMD (Association Française des Managers de la Diversité — French Association of Diversity Management), in order to improve the quality of life of its employees and combat this phenomenon.

On January 25, France’s national anti-sexism day, the Group joined this movement alongside 47 other companies and associations. This took place during an event organized at the French Ministry of the Economy, attended by Roland Lescure, Minister of Industry, and Isabelle Lonvis-Rome, Minister of Gender Equality.

Within its brands, the Group wishes to develop good practices and establish everyday concrete actions, such as :

– Promoting and applying the zero tolerance principle

– Providing information to raise awareness about sexist behaviors (actions, words, attitudes) and their impacts

– Providing targeted training on the requirements and good practices needed to fight everyday sexism

– Making educational tools available for employees to tackle sexist actions in the workplace

– Encouraging all employees to help prevent and identify sexist behavior and react to everyday sexism

– Preventing sexism from occurring and providing personalized support to victims, witnesses and decision-makers when escalating and managing sexist actions

– Enforcing sanctions for misconduct and circulating information about the applicable sanctions

– Measuring and implementing monitoring indicators to adapt policy to combat everyday sexism