Fnac Darty expands its Fnac+ loyalty program with a new set of “Fnac & moi” benefits

In order to reward the responsible behavior and commitment of its 8 million customer members, Fnac Darty is developing a new set of benefits with the Fnac & moi loyalty fund and an extension of the Pass Partenaires program.
The Fnac & moi loyalty fund rewards a wide range of actions, such as buying second-life products, using Click & Collect, repairing products via the Group’s after-sales service, buying sustainable products, signing up to a subscription or even returning products to a store so they can be given a second life. Alongside this fund and as part of a participatory approach, customers are also asked to respond to satisfaction surveys and express their opinions, with the aim of improving the services and products on offer.
Regarding Pass Partenaires, this program is expanding its partner brands from 70 to over 90, allowing Fnac and Darty’s loyal customers to benefit from attractive discounts.

Fnac Darty has made it a priority, as part of its strategic plan Everyday, to help its customers make an educated choice about the products and services they select and about sustainable usage. Expanding our Fnac+ loyalty program and service offers with the “Fnac & moi” benefits illustrates and remains in line with this. The goal is to encourage our customers to adopt responsible behaviors that are beneficial for the planet, as well as to contribute to providing consumers with comprehensive information through their feedback.

Florence Lemetais, VP Customer, Marketing, and Business Development