Fnac Darty and HomeServe join forces

Fnac Darty signs a partnership with HomeServe to develop home appliance installation services and democratise the DartyMax offer

For Fnac Darty, its customers’ peace of mind is a priority and it is committed to making their domestic appliances easier to install. It has made this possible by signing a partnership with HomeServe, a home assistance provider (equipment installation and breakdown repairs), with a network of more than 4,000 experts in plumbing, electrics, domestic appliances, gas, and heating and cooling solutions.

Thanks to this partnership, Darty customers can tell an advisor about their specific requirements for installing domestic appliances in their home and benefit from HomeServe’s dedicated services. They can obtain a preliminary diagnosis on the specific requirements of their home and even receive a call-out from a HomeServe expert prior to the delivery, to ensure the space is ready to receive the equipment purchased from Darty.

Another major focus of this partnership: HomeServe is now offering its Darty Max customers its iconic unlimited repair service for all Fnac Darty domestic appliances, thereby contributing to achieving the target of 2 million subscribers by 2025.

Making the lives of our customers easier is one of the cornerstones of the Darty Contract of Confidence.In day-to-day life, in the long-term and at every significant moment in between, we pursue the goal of being a vital ally to consumers, supporting them with their domestic consumption.

Vincent GUFFLET, Chief Operations & Services Officer at Fnac Darty.